Life of an exchange student in Korea

Fun stuff aside, I am more or less settled down in Seoul. Feels like I’ve been staying here for a long time even though it’s still less than two weeks that I am here. If you are thinking of coming to Korea for exchange, I suggest you know some basic Korean so you can navigate yourself and read some road signs and stuff.

The first week or so was spent buying stuff for the room such as pillows, comforters, floor mat, hangers, etc etc. You can go to E-Mart at Wangshimni or Daiso at Sincheon to get such stuff. There is also a Daiso at Anam area so there you can get cheap stuff to make your room more comfortable.

Registering for classes was quite a headache. All the exchange students have to go the International One Stop office to get our classes and the queue is forever long. Furthermore, when I go to a supposedly English Sociology class this morning, the professor started speaking in all Korean and told exchange students to drop it if we can’t understand Korean. I was like…wtf. Now my timetable is kinda screwed up with Thursday ending at like 8pm. Now I can decide if I should continue Korean Speaking Beginners II or drop it cause I can’t transfer the credits….

Lastly, shopping in Seoul is sosososososooo awesome. I will probably do a shopping post soon because Korean Fashion is so pretty but do drop a message if any of you would be interested in knowing more about fashion and shopping places in Seoul.

Cheers -

KUBA Orientation

Life seems to be slowing down a little, I am more or less settled down. I am quite comfortable here, staying in my little shoebox. Lots of interesting stuff happened the past week - KUBA Orientation, Seoul City Tour, crazy shopping sprees etc.

Was really worried initially when I didn’t hear from my buddy but I met her during orientation and  she helped us with getting a phone, registering for stuff and all the admin matters. Went for beer and chicken after the orientation and played drinking games! It was really fun overall.

Orientation Day 1

Korea University, one of the buildings

I share the same buddy with these two girls, Hanne is from Finland and Lexi from the US! I just realised I didn’t have a photo with Eun Joo here. Have to definitely take one!

Beer and chicken! Photo with Jolene’s buddy, Min Young.

Orientation Day 2

Did some admin stuff in the building and then hung out with Cheng Yi, her buddies and her friends. We went to a really cute cafe at Sungshin Women University, did some shopping, ate Patbingsu and then went back to Anam for dinner! It was really fun.

Day 3 - Seoul City Tour

Toured around touristy places in Seoul like Gyeongbuk Gong, Cheongwadae, Insadong and watched Nanta. I have too many photos from here so you should take a look at my facebook album if you’re interested in what to see when you go to these places. Here are a few. I would recommend going for the tour if you are coming to KU for exchange! But you gotta sign up and pay quick because places are limited and they get snagged pretty quickly.

some of group 3 and some of the KUBA buddies!

Looks like you had a good time in Busan. Lucky girl!

yeap it was awesome! thank you (:

Busan Adventure, 20th - 22nd Aug

Went to Busan for 3D2N the fourth day I arrived in Seoul. Traveled with some of the Singaporean girls and it was really fun. I think I’ve pretty much visited most of Busan’s tourist attraction during my short trip.

We took the KTX train which took us 2.5 hours and the cost of the ticket was 50,000won ish.

We also mistook a spiral staircase for the famous 40 steps and took a picture there. lol.

And the real 40 steps! It was epic because while climbing halfway, Jomaine saw a dead bird and we all screamed. It was really rainy the first day we arrived.

Walked to Yongsan Park after that and the night view is really really pretty. Although it was cold and rainy, we had so much determination that we made it up there.

We stayed at this place called Toyoko Inn but I didn’t really take any pictures of it. It’s 66,000 won for a twin sharing room and it’s really worth it. Comfortable bed, wifi to use and breakfast was provided in the morning so it was a really nice stay there.

Next morning, we took the metro to Haeundae Beach and the place was so so so nice! The water was clean unlike our Sentosa beach!

Busan Aquarium was next and if you like underwater world, you would enjoy this! I can’t remember how much the entrance fee was but it is definitely under 20,000 won!

We went to eat bbq chicken after that! yumss!

Lastly, we went to Jagalchi Fish Market as our last destination of the day. Eating sashimi the Korean way was quite an experience and I didn’t really like it though? The meat was too chewy and springy and it seemed like I can never bite it! haha. Paid 10,000won each for four fishes and 3000won each for the side dishes, we felt that it was quite expensive.

Ahhh looks so fun! Hows the camera? Lovin' it? The photos are so pretty ^^

the camera is awesome! it takes really good photos and it’s really great for a compact camera!

Day 3 - Soft kitty, Warm kitty

The details of what I exactly did was kind of vague since this is a back logged entry. LOL

Met Thea and Si at Ewha University in the afternoon and we went to explore the area, shopped and ate lunch.

bibimbap for our lunch around edae area~

So after doing a little bit of shopping, we wondered to Sincheon area and chanced upon a cat cafe. It was so cute!! Entrance fee was 8000won and it came with a drink. The cats are tame and docile and they wouldn’t come near you if you don’t want them to. Otherwise they wonder around and you’re free to play with them.

After that we headed out for dinner and if you’re looking for yummy and delicious bbq meat, there is a few streets Sincheon with plenty of bbq restaurants for you to choose from and they are really delicious! So we went into a random shop and order beef steak for our dinner, a bottle of soju and it even came with kimchi stew.

After dinner, we went for Noraebang but unfortunately, I didn’t get many photos since the room was dark and we were a little too preoccupied with the singing!

Next up: Blog entry on my trip to Busan and places to go to (:

Day 1 - Arrival in Seoul & Wellbeingtel

Arrived in Seoul yesterday really late at about 9+pm. It was a rather treacherous journey trying to navigate our way to Wellbeingtel with the language barrier. We met this really nice guy who then brought us all the way here and finally settled down for the day. Since it was so late when everything was done, Joycelyn and I ended up cooking ramen in the kitchen for our supper/dinner!

So…shall be heading out in a bit to shop for stuff to make my room more live-able and then to myeongdong! Look out for more updates! xD


Can’t believe I’m really flying off tomorrow. I’ve been planning this student exchange trip since forever! I’m 85% done with packing and here is my schedule for the next 10 days or so! I’ll be filling this blog with plenty of pictures from my trip.

17th Aug - Arrival at Incheon
18th Aug - Anam + Myeongdong
19th Aug - Ewha Uni + Hongdae
20th to 22nd Aug - Busan
23rd Aug to 25th Aug - Korea University Orientation

I’m so excited and nervous at the same time! I can’t wait (:

packing list

my packing list keeps getting longer!
someone give me some good advice on how much to pack?

on a happier note…i can’t believe it’s 15 days till i go to korea!!
i feel so unprepared but i’m so excited!!!

Opps! sorry! I didn't see this!
CJ is hard to get into but it was a nice place but they have two big international dorms now! When I was there, they were just building the 2nd international dorms! I wonder how they look like .. LOL

Ummmmmm, I guess you can say some of them are friendly, lol. I didn't really have anyone mean ... or at least I just didn't understand haha but for the Korean class, it was 4 times a week for an hour and 15 minutes. Not too bad but the only thing that sucked was that it was at 5. . I think we ended class at 6:15? I wanna say that's about right. It was LONG for sure. It was easy to skip class too .. haha !

I LOVE Etude! There is one in Anam so you don't have to go far! Olive Young was another ... I guess you can call it a drugstore, they had a variety of makeup but it was like the medium-end Korean brands, like Clio and etc! I really liked Banila CO, which is also considered a medium-end I guess! We just went to Etude a lot since we liked most of their products! I really like the face shop as well. Tony Moly was OK , I shopped there once in a while. Holika Holika is nice as well! Missha was .. EVERYWHERE so we definitely got tired of looking at that store a lot hehe!

Haha yeah, we just happen through the era where my favorite singers weren't promoting T___T actually, Taeyang was promoting the first half we were there but we barely knew anything so that didn't help T____T he even performed on my bday but I was too late to get tickets T__________T

awhhh! sorry just saw this!
thanks for giving me so much good advice.

so you took the korean class? was it hard to catch up when you miss it? lol~ i want to take but i really doubt i will attend so much. ><

oh and how much clothes did you pack there? not sure if i already asked this. keke